Godsbanen, Aarhus
January 11 – January 26, 2013.

Collaboration with the Danish experimental music duo Kolonihaven Unikum (Christian Windfeld & Anders Ørbæk), writer Rasmus Klitgaard and artist/graphic designer Lasse Krog Møller.

The project combines ten large format woodcuts with ten musical tracks and ten poems. All of the images have been carved into the dismantled plates of an old piano. Other wooden parts of the instrument are used in the printing process as well.

All the graphic works are released as offset reproductions with the poetry printed on the flip side. This publication also contains a vinyl record of the music and was released as a special edition of the art journal ARK in January 2013.

Visit the art journal ARK:

Opening of the exibition - video

Kolonihaven Unikum playing live

Usminket monolit

80 x 135 cm. Woodcut.

Fjer over tangenter

65 x 80 cm. Woodcut.

Verdens snegl

65 x 85 cm. Woodcut.

Står bare og graner

55 x 90 cm. Woodcut.


100 x 140 cm. Woodcut.

Døende organisme af stære