w/ Kolonihaven Unikum, Rasmus Klitgaard and Lasse Krog Møller
Collaboration w/ the art journal ARK, 2013.

Through images, sounds and poetry, the publication Saltö tells the evocative story about an island.

Saltö is a collaboration with the Danish experimental music duo Kolonihaven Unikum (Christian Windfeld & Anders Ørbæk) and writer Rasmus Klitgaard.

Saltö is a depopulated island situated in Kosterhavet near the west coast of Sweden. Here the two musicians have been inspired to make improvisations on prepared piano, percussion and by the means of hydrophonic sounds. This was recorded in a desolate concert room on the island. The relationship between the landscape, the music and this specific location is central to the accompanying lyrics written by Klitgaard. This is in turn interpreted in a series of offset-printed woodcuts originally made with parts of a dismantled piano.

The publication Saltö has been created by artist Lasse Krog Møller and released as a special edition of the art periodical ARK, complete with embossed, oversized cover, a 180 gram vinyl of the music and 10 graphic sheets.

It is printed in an edition of 800 copies.