Piccadilly Line # 5

w/ Kristian Handberg and Lasse Krog Møller
Forlaget * [Asterisk], 2013.

Since the subject for Piccadilly Line #5 is travels and travelling, this year’s publication is modelled after the monthly magazine published by the Danish Railways (DSB). Instead of profile articles and letters to the editors, Piccadilly’s version features odd travelogues from the former German Democratic Republic (DDR), Transylvania and the Danish peninsula of Jutland. Further curiosities included are an account of the legendary series of travel books from Baedeker, the tale of the pathological traveler Albert Dadas and a carefully chosen collection of priceless status updates from an opera singer on Facebook.

Table of contents:

Kristian Handberg: On foot into the DDR
Kasper Green Krejberg: The Journey to the End of the War
Stan Ejsing: The Artist’s Holiday Memoir
Mads Mygind: Berlin Poems
Tore Rye Andersen: Time Travel – With Baedeker in Egypt
Peter Ole Pedersen: Postcard from Transylvania
Johan Furåker: The Pathological Tourist
Thorkild Hansen: Jutland in Darkness
Marie Degener Troelsen: Hinsidan

72 pp. illus. in colour.
ISBN 978-87-92733-31-3.