Piccadilly Line # 2

w/ Kristian Handberg and Lasse Krog Møller

Forlaget * [Asterisk], 2010.

In this, the second of the Piccadilly-publications, the poster as art form and mass-communication is given an imaginative and analytical treatment. The intention of this volume is to present an eclectic view into both the celebrated and the more obscure parts of the history of this persuasive medium. This includes an article on the landmark poster exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London 1931, some notes about the political poster Danish Pigs (Danske Svin) and new discoveries concerning the poster-production of the mysterious Danish-American artist Stan Ejsing.

Table of contents:

Poul Henningsen (PH): Posters
Gunnar Bülman Petersen: Posters and Other Mercantile Printed Matter
Line Hjort Christensen: Teaching Lessons – The Poster as an Exhibition Innovator
Bente Jensen: Coming Up: The Exhibition of Modern Life
Mikkel Leth-Mouritzen and Carlo Erik Pedersen: A May Day-Poster must be Red and Green (interview)
Kristian Handberg: Danish Pigs
Peter Ole Pedersen: No Rules without Exceptions

The visual appendix to Piccadilly Line # 2 consists of posters made by the following artists:
Søren Assenholt, Søren Behncke (Papfar), Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum, David Catherall, Eva la Cour, Christian Danielewitz, Kristian Handberg, Johannes E. Møller, Lasse Krog Møller, Lucia Nimcova, Knud Odde, Peter Ole Pedersen, Jonas Pihl, Anu Ramdas, Torben Ribe, Sarah Willemoes Thomsen & Anna Karin Rasmussen, Christian Vind and Pernille Kapper Williams.

Large-format 70 pp. illus. B/W with posters in colour.