Piccadilly Line # 1

w/ Kristian Handberg and Lasse Krog Møller

Forlaget *[Asterisk], 2009.

The Piccadilly Line # 1 is an anthology of texts concerning the relation between specific objects and collections. On a further meta-level, the publication considers the factual text as object. This includes writings about the Museum Wormianum, the ruins of Tølløse roundhouse, typewriters and the makings of the unknown artist Stan Ejsing. The periodical even presents two rather unobtainable textual readymades from the hand of one of the leading figures in Danish literature: Per Højholt.

Table of contents:

Camilla Mordhorst: The Marginal, Accidental and the Exceptional
Pablo Henrik Llambias: Geological Museum
Per Højholt: Mr. Hamilton Fish
Søren E. Jensen: The Modern Ruin
Jan Bäcklund: Typewriter
Lars Kiel Bertelsen: Things in the Expanded Field
Lasse Krog Møller: Travelogue from Seemingly Recognisable yet Uknown Regions
Kristian Handberg: The Monuments Between Harald Jensens Square and Viby Town Square
Per Højholt: Genital and Abdorminal Self-surgery
Annelis Kuhlmann: You can File it in the Dustbin
Peter Ole Pedersen og Kristian Handberg: Regarding Stan Ejsing

62 pp. illus. B/W.
ISBN 978-87-993163-0-4.