Passepartout # 34 - Art on Film (Kunst på film)

Editor and layout consultant
Co-editors: Thilde Nyborg, Nynne Martinussen og Pernille Leth-Espensen
Layout: Anders Brandstrup
Passepartout – Skrifter for Kunsthistorie 2013.

This anthology deals with an overlooked part of film history: The films that portray art history, artist biographies and bridges the practice of artist and filmmaker. The contributions are structured after corresponding periods in art history, but the filmic works that each author has chosen to analyse are included from a more random perspective that serves to show how versatile and eye-opening these meetings between moving images and visual art can be. Some of the topics included are: 60s Earth Art through Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Romantic painting and F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, The use of paraphrased paintings in Jean-Luc Godard’s Passion and the relation between the film as medium and cave paintings in Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

Table of contents:

Peter Ole Pedersen: Preface
Eirik Frisvold Hansen: An Abyss of Time
Anders Troelsen: The Media’s Interstices
Anne Ring Petersen: Film as Art
Peter Brix Søndergaard: The Undead in the Dusky Middle-World
Peter Ole Pedersen: The Splinters from a Fractured Stained-Glass Window
Peter Watkins: Edvard Munch: A Self-Interview
Jens Toft: Art History of Film
Jan Bäcklund: Reciprocal Plagiarism
Ágnes Pethö: Spellbound By Images
Jacob Wamberg: Monolith in Hollow
Jacob Lund: A Skyward Industry of Ruins
Dan Hassler Forest: American Splendor

281 pp. illus. in colour.
ISSN 0908-5351.