The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 5:
The Piccadilly Expedition Company

Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen
16 December – 5 January, 2013-14
Curated w/Kristian Handberg

This fifth edition of The Piccadilly Exhibition Company is all about travelling - through the world, with your body and in your mind. Displayed in an old railway building, what connected the works of the selected artists were a collection of travel logs made specifically for this exhibition. These publications present original takes on writing and documenting “the journey”, be that the inner, outer or imagined version. In conjunction with the books, each artist displayed a small selection of works or selected documentations that touched upon the theme of travelling and exploring places in unconventional and surprising ways.

Participating artists
Ditte Ejlerskov, Jesper Fabricius, Christian Yde Frostholm, Johan Furåker, Søren Lose, Anu Ramdas, Lil Wachmann.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication The Piccadilly Line # 5 and the first six issues of the travel book series The Piccadilly Expedition Company, pocket-versions of artist books that explore the phenomenon of travelling.