The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 4:
Remnants from a World Exhibition

Traneudstillingen, Gentofte
10 February – 9 April, 2012
Curated w/Kristian Handberg

Citius, Altius, Fortius! This Olympic motto seems a fitting dictum for the insisting grandeur of the historical World Exhibitions begun in the middle of the 19th century. These extraordinary and all-embracing events are a thing of the past and so the 4th edition of The Piccadilly Exhibition Company presented the viewer with the so-called "Remnants from a World Exhibition". Works by 8 contemporary artists that touched upon this desire to collect and organize the World in exhibition halls, display cases and registration catalogues.

Participating artists
Søren Assenholt, Berit Basten, Christian Danielewitz, Elsebeth Jørgensen, Lasse Krog Møller, Peter Ole Pedersen, Anu Ramdas, Christian Salling.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication The Piccadilly Line # 4.