The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 2:
A Repro Exhibition

Godsbanen Institut for X, Aarhus
27 August – 8 September, 2010

The Art Festival PORT 2010
Stadsarkivet, Aalborg
15 October – 26 November, 2010
Curated w/Kristian Handberg

The Piccadilly Exhibition Company #2 invited a large group national and international artist to give their rendition of the poster. As a specific medium, this art form draws on a long tradition of historical, political and critical expressions. The idea with A Repro Exhibition was to integrate the poster as part of a temporary environment in the old railway buildings at Godsbanen and then afterwards "file" them at the archive in Aalborg.

Participating artists
Søren Assenholt, Søren Behncke (Papfar),Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum, David Caterall, Christian Danielewitz, Stan Ejsing, Kristian Handberg, Eva la Cour, Johannes E. Møller, Lasse Krog Møller, Lucia Nimcova, Knud Odde, Peter Ole Pedersen, Jonas Pihl, Anu Ramdas, Torben Ribe, Sarah Willemoes Thomsen & Anna Karin Rasmussen,Christian Vind, Pernille Kapper Williams.

The exhibition was accompanied by the large format poster-publication The Piccadilly Line # 2.

Opening of the exibition - video