The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 1:
The World’s Smallest World Exhibition

6 June – 7 July, 2009
Curated w/Kristian Handberg

In authentic display cases from Aarhus Museum of Antiquity, The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 1 presented the World’s smallest World Exhibition. The focus of this gallery show, was on the objects and their ever-changing cultural historical significance. The power and the aura of objects are inevitably enhanced when they are put on display as part of a collection and these collections further more continues their social existence as entrusted institutions of cultural importance. Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 1 showed the viewer to be at the mercy of objects and therefore to approach even the most trivial of them with a more interested and even poetic-minded gesture.

With the renowned Pop art statement “It’s about liking things!”, The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 1 also celebrated the 100th year anniversary of The International Exhibition 1909 in Aarhus.

Participating artists
Søren Assenholt, Jan Bäcklund, Christian Danielewitz, Stan Ejsing, Lasse Krog Møller, Anu Ramdas.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication The Piccadilly Line # 1.