Collective Making

Film- and Event Programme
Kunsthal Aarhus, 2015 - 2016

Film programme curated for Kunsthal Aarhus. The films and events revolved around the idea of Collective making. In its essence, the art of film is a collective practice often dependable on the collaborative effort of a number of specialists from scriptwriters to camera crew and actors. Most often, the director is the person that supervises the creative process, supplies the overall artistic vision and gives the film its signature, but the entire crew makes the realization of the production possible. The programme combined the focus on the inherent element of collective making associated with the medium and a number of films where the idea or a practice of the collective plays an important part. The selection aimed at illuminating how the theme is central to avant-garde, documentary and popular fiction films.

Ida Marie Hede & Marybell Katastrophy, Lars Fiil & William Kudahl, Jacob Lillemose, Jakob Schweppenhäuser.