Against the Grain

Galleri Image, Aarhus
27 August 9 October, 2016
Curator and writer

Against the Grain addresses a very important topic of our time; the relationship between the explosive growth in our use of technology and the global strain on the environment which follows. The two Danish artists Anu Ramdas and Christian Danielewitz have travelled to the industrial town of Baotou - the epicenter of the Chinese mining industry, in Inner Mongolia. Here they have created the works on location, using radioactive material from the gigantic tailings dam Weikuang, situated on the outskirts of the city. Weikuang Dam is a nightmare landscape, which has formed because of the ruthless hunt for rare earth elements, the essential material basis of our high-tech societies.

Participating artists
Anu Ramdas, Christian Danielewitz

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication Against the Grain (Antipyrine, 2016)