Contemporary Art and Documentary Culture

Two year curatorial research project funded by Novo Nordisk Fonden, 2016 2018. Through a series of eight exhibitions, the project brings into focus the historical and critical relation between art and documentation. Important socio-cultural phenomena like surveillance, mass-communication and the writing of history are under wide-ranging transformation in our current net-based media-landscape. Cameras are ubiquitous and information is constantly exchanged both by amateurs and professionals.

The exhibitions created during the project will examine those societal changes and challenges produced by our new documentary culture. Danish and international art of high standards and quality will be exhibited and a wide range of artists, researcher and authors who works with documentary in different media will participate. The ambition is to combine the curatorial initiatives with more traditional research and in this way create an innovative "art history of documentary".

Collaborators: Aros, Kunsthal Aarhus, CPH:DOX, Aarhus University.