Contemporary Art and Documentary Culture

Two year curatorial research project funded
by Novo Nordisk Fonden, 2016 2018. Through
a series of eight exhibitions, the project brings into focus the historical and critical relation between art and documentation.



Texas - A travelogue

This is a research-based project that
explores the relation between art, site and nature. It centers on a trip through the second-largest state in the United States of America. The idea is to discover – and re-discover – distinctive places that merges
the landscape and sense of place with
specific works of art or objects and phenomenon which become works of art in their own right.




A series of large format woodcuts which portray the ending titles in selected films. These graphic works will be combined with a video-installation and together present the viewer with a meditative reflection on the concept of time and temporary existence.






The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 6:
F for Fake

Under the title F for Fake, The Piccadilly Exhibition Company # 6 brings into focus the equivocal challenges of the original and unique work of art. Authenticity is still ...