Contemporary Art and Documentary Culture

Two year curatorial research project funded
by Novo Nordisk Fonden, 2016 – 2018. Through
a series of eight exhibitions, the project brings into focus the historical and critical relation between art and documentation.




LAND is a research-based project that explores a mythological America through photo documentation, graphic art and country music. It centers on travels through Texas, the second-largest state in USA. The goal is to meditate over the special status of the US, as simultaneous a dreamland and a place of profound wonder.




A series of large format woodcuts which portray the ending titles in selected films. These graphic works will be combined with a video-installation and together present the viewer with a meditative reflection on the concept of time and temporary existence.






Out of the Past

Film series and audiovisual exhibition project made in collaboration with experimental music duo Kolonihaven Unikum. The project revolves around old B/W documentary and fiction film remixed together as a new tale about memories and their personal importance for understanding the past. The Danish musicians Christian Windfeld and Anders Ørbæk (Kolonihaven Unikum) create the soundtrack for this project.

Collaborators: Aros Aarhus Art Museum